• VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED: The AARP income tax preparer group is looking for volunteers to help prepare taxes at no charge for your neighbors. Training takes place in December and the work is done 
        on specific days and hours from February through April 15th. the training and work takes place at the
        Lakewood Park Library. Please contact John Swigert at 772-489-6674 or at chatncathy@aol.com

  • THE POOLSIDE GRILL will open Monday through Friday from 11:30 AM - 1 PM. Volunteers are needed.   

  • HAPPY HOUR - November 14 at 5 PM in the auditorium - $4. hosted by RAC. $3 for admission, 2 drinks. Purchase tickets at the front desk. 


   Tickets for Rec Dances and Happy Hour are sold at the Recreation Department Desk.


  • CROSS CRIBBAGE GROUP - Every Wednesday at 1 PM in the Card Room. If you know how to play cribbage,  join our growing group playing this new way!  Come give it a try. Submitted by Ron Moreau

  • The C.O.P. (Citizen’s Observation Patrol) is operated by a select group of SLF residents who are dedicated to keeping our Community safe and secure from criminal activity. Since 1995, the C.O.P. members have been trained and certified by the St Lucie County Sheriff’s Department. We are able to operate due to the donations from the Wynne Corporation and the SLF residents along with the aluminum can program. These donations allow us to patrol 7 days a week,  52 weeks a year at all different times of the day and night. We watch  for unusual things such as open garage doors, unfamiliar people, movement between houses, strange vehicles and anything else that is out of the ordinary. Please support the C.O.P.  by donating $15 per household annually. For more information, contact Mike Kelly at 409-7264.

  • Note: The C.O.P.  is still collecting aluminum cans. Please bring your cans to the receptacles across from the Wynne Service Building. Please bring only aluminum cans. If for any reason you are unable to deliver  the
        cans, call me at 409-7264 and I will make arrangements to have them picked up.  Thank you for your support/
        Submitted by Mike Kelly

  • Bereavement Committee:  We need volunteers desperately for this community service.  We are committed to provide support during difficult times and will limit to desserts & coffee only.  Would like 10-12 volunteers per bereavement.  Call Deb Evans, Recreation Dept Director at 489-0943 if you can help. 


  • F.M.O. (Federated Manufactured Homeonwers) News (Click here)


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  A Retirement Community in North Saint Lucie County * Fort Pierce, Florida.
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